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solid bio water treatment chemical for fishing

  • HSB-PS-3
  • Chemical Additives
  • Granule
  • water treatment
  • cheese lactobacillus/ brewing yeast
  • seaweed microbial agent
  • Two Years
  • ISO9001:2008
  • HSB
  • Beneficial bacterium
  • 3105900000
  • Promote Healthy & Growth
  • Nutrition Enhancers
  • Brown
  • bio organic
  • aquatic
  • 80%
  • 06713Q10620ROM
  • free
  • 4kg/Poly-Bag. 70 * 10 Bag/Box
  • China
solid bio water treatment chemical for fishing 
solid bio water treatment chemical for fishing

Product Introduction
 Using bergmeal as carrier ,contains seaweed microbial agent, photosynthetic bacteria, saccharomycetes, actinomycetes, lactobacilus and some other beneficial bacterium., obtained patent. No chemical added. increase the probiotics in water, usually be settled to the bottom sludge to remove harmful substances and improve the water qulity.
Main Ingredients

Beneficial bacterium photosynthetic bacteria

Main Functions
1. Efficiently decompose the suspended pollutants in water, prevent organic putrefaction & residual bait in mud;
2. Rapid degradation of ammonia nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, nitrite and other poisonous and harmful substances.
3. Eliminate peculiar smell, water pollution and water eutrophication to improve water quality.
4. Inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and enhance the ability of disease resistance.
5. Adjust PH value and improve water quality to maintain the aquatic animal micro ecological balance.

15-22kg for 1hectare water area,based on depth of 1meter, can increase .in area of bait casting.
Packing Specification
4kg/Poly-bag.   70 * 10 bag/box
USD2.4/kilogram         USD36 to USD 50 for one hectare

solid bio water treatment chemical for fishing

solid bio water treatment chemical for fishing

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