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seaweed microorganisms of beneficial bacteria fertilizer in the soil

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seaweed microorganisms of beneficial bacteria fertilizer in the soil

saaweed microorganisms in the soil inorganic feilizer, have what effect?Concerned expert thinks, microbial fertilizer in the soil five roles:
1, is the "make" soil.Algae microorganisms in the breed can produce beneficial microbial flora sweets, and plant mucus, mineral body and organic colloid together, can improve soil aggregate structure, can effectively break the soil harden and promote the formation of granular structure, and can improve the ventilation of the soil, promote the generation of organic matter, humic acid and humus.
2, is the "nutrient transformation".Researches in the soil of material and energy input and output plays a very important role, is an important part of the material circulation chain.It can activate soil organic and inorganic nutrients, break down organic matter and nutrient release, increase the effectiveness of the nutrient.
3, is a "clean" soil.Alga microbial flora in the reproductive and metabolic process, can be degraded in the soil residues of chemical fertilizers, organic pesticide, heavy metals and other pollutants, etc., in its physical and chemical reaction of the above pollutants decomposition, transformation, fixed, transfer, and the new synthetic innocuity, dividing them into less harmful or harmless substances, thereby reducing the degree of soil pollution.
4, is the "healers" soil.Algae microorganisms in the soil, such as antibiosis microbes, they were able to secrete antibiotics, inhibiting pathogenic microorganism breeding, so that we can control and reduce the harm of middle-earth spread diseases soil microorganism on crop, increase crop yield and quality.Detoxification of soil "and" health ", control and maintain the health of the soil quality.
5, is the "nutritionist" soil.Algae microorganisms have nitrogen fixation, phosphate-solubilizing, releasing effect, promote the release of trace elements in the soil and the chelate, can improve the fertilizer utilization rate of 10% to 10%.Under certain conditions, but also involved in the formation of humus, to improve soil fertility.

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