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algal bio preparate USD for treatment of waste water

  • agent 1L
  • Quick
  • Chemical Acid
  • Seaweed
  • for Improve The Environment
  • 24 Months
  • HSB or OEM
  • China
  • Biological Fertilizer
  • Physiological Neutral
  • Liquid
  • Beneficial Bacterium More Than 0.02billion/Gram,
  • making fermenting bed
  • 1L
  • 1L
  • 310595000

Seaweed Microbial Environmental Protection Amendment was developed by the fermentation of seaweed microbial agent and seaweed extract. The seaweed microbial agent technology was researched and developed by our company and obtained patents, got Shandong Province Science and Technology Progress Award. Raw materials are mainly composed of seaweed,furfural residue, humic acid and other organic matter and fermented through biological technology .This product contains a variety of beneficial bacteria,18 kinds of amino acids in kelp and natural nutrient content such as I,Ca,K,Fe,etc.
This product is dominated by photosynthetic bacteria and yeast, cooperated with other beneficial microbes, by means of oxidation reduction fermentation, decomposing organic matter, turning the toxic and harmful substances into harmless substances, widely used to deal with environmental protection, such as the living garbage, sewage treatment and industrial "three wastes" (waste water, waste residue, waste gas) etc. Applicable to urban landscape water, a moat, sewage pool, industrial wastewater and garbage deodorization treatment, air deodorant, and so on.
Main Ingredient
photosynthetic bacteria and yeast,seaweed extract
Main Functions
1, sewage treatment, keep the water clear, make the water recycled, save water, reduce the energy consumption and reduce costs.
2, water treatment effect is remarkable, reduce the turbidity, COD, BOD and SS etc effectively, improve water quality.
3, controlling bacteria of disease-causing, removing hydrogen sulfide and other different odor, improve air quality.
1, the city landscape sewage treatment: spray, dilution ratio by 1:300.sprayed it on surface of water or waste material. Standard is 1 meters water depth calculation, using this product about 0.5 -to 1 L/mu, if the degree of stunk is very heavy, the usage can be increase.
2, industrial wastewater treatment: join this product according to the 0.01%-0.05% of the amount of waste to be processed, under the condition of the water temperature of 10 ºC to 40 ºC with 12-24 hours. Usually COD, BOD can be reduced by 50% - 70%, and can remove hydrogen sulfide gas and different smell obviously.
1, please store the product sealed, avoid placed in direct sunlight environment.
2, this product cannot be used with fungicide.
3, this product PH value is normally below 3.5, if appear the bad smell , do not use.
Expiration date:
24 months in storage conditions
Packing specification

the min order quantity & price  based on EXW term .
The prices subject to change based on quantity.

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