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Eminent Group, a professional manufacturing & trading company, provide series of products rely on a multifunctional seaweed microbial fermentation technique which has a number of national patents for inventions and be awarded by Shandong province government for technology progress. Our company has complete agricultural production facilities, excellent marketing team, perfect marketing network, strong technical support.
We provide high quality products and professional technique service, welcome OEM orders, moreover, we would like to provide our technique to raw organic material owners who’s willing to establish an organic fertilizer factory.Seaweed bio-fertilizers are eco-friendly fertilizers, which are being used to improve the quality and fertility of the soil. Seaweed bio-fertilizers are made from kelp and they do not contain any chemicals. They are beneficial to the soil, as they enrich the soil with microorganisms that help in producing organic nutrients, which in turn help the soil to fight diseases. They therefore enrich the the nutrient quality of the soil. They also restore the depleted nutrients of the soil.
The main sources of seaweed bio-fertilizers are bacteria and fungi(filamentous bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, saccharomycetes, actinomycetes). Plants have a special relationship with bacteria and fungi. They provide the plant with nutrition,resistance against diseases and the ability to combat worst climatic conditions.
Our company carry good quality and effective after-sales service, create goodsales performance and well feedback.



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