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Organic fertilizers are promising is the inevitable trend in the fertilizer industry

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Organic fertilizers are promising is the inevitable trend in the fertilizer industry

                        As the organic agriculture strongly advocated, organic fertilizer market continues to look good.Refer to "organic", many people in the mind will emerge of smelly dung or similar items.Organic fertilizer, however, in fact is not so easy as you know, it represents a return to natural way of fertilizing.China's three rural electric interviewed on this topic at Rizhao Eminent Group Co., LTD butyl manager, he explained to us about the organic fertilizer.Confusion of organic fertilizer in most people's traditional consciousness, without adding inorganic fertilizer fertilization way is organic.But it is not, in the fertilizer industry point of view, the farmers use of so-called "organic", is known as "organic material".Organic fertilizer contains the meaning is not only derived from nature, but also to the use of natural, makes the "organic material" decomposed more thoroughly, more can be absorbed by plants, of course, the most important, is more healthy, more environmentally friendly.Nowadays, more and more farmers understand the true meaning of "organic", and consciously to buy and organic fertilizer, but have to admit that most of the people of this concept is still vague.Experienced in Yang, organic fertilizer to more long-term development, popularize knowledge of organic, correct understanding, is imminent.The inevitable trend in the fertilizer industryOver the past 2015 years, the domestic fertilizer industry development speed up nearly three times more than in 2012.Although there is no wave formation, but as "organic", "green", "health" the popularity of this a series of concepts, more and more people pay attention to the organic fertilizer.For organic fertilizer plus countries strongly support, makes the organic fertilizer industry is heading for a new spring.The development of draw lessons from foreign experience, although the inorganic fertilizer is still occupied most of China's fertilizer industry market, but also the development of organic fertilizer vigorous health, Yang experience thinks, organic fertilizer, is the trend of the development of fertilizer industry, with the progress of the society, health and green manure inevitably is popular, because it represents not only healthy, but also green, is respect for the land.Organic fertilizer popularization still has difficultyAccording to Yang experience, organic fertilizer, besides can make plants grow better and improve the quality of agricultural products, improve soil quality, reduce the chemical pollution, avoid food safety issues, and so on.Although in China, organic fertilizer is a relatively new concept, but in a foreign country, organic fertilizer development already has considerable scale.In the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries, due to the large number of using organic fertilizer, its content is generally higher than the soil organic matter content of soil organic matter, and is a huge gap.In our country, most farmers still believe work quickly to inorganic fertilizer, and the effect is relatively slow, has improved organic fertilizer on soil, also cannot replace the status of inorganic fertilizer.But Yang experience with confidence that, along with our country economic and technological progress, organic fertilizer instead of inorganic fertilizer is not far, and with the use of organic manure, the farmers will also get more income, land, will be more rich, more healthy.

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