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Effect of Microbial Beneficial Fertilizer on Soil

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Effect of Microbial Beneficial Fertilizer on Soil

What role does seaweed microbial fertilizer play in the soil? Experts believe that microbial fertilizer in the soil to play five roles:
1, is the soil "to create division." Algae microbial fertilizer beneficial microbial flora can produce carbohydrate, and plant mucus, mineral embryo body and organic colloid together, can improve the soil aggregate structure, can effectively break the soil compaction, promote the formation of aggregate structure, and can improve Soil ventilation, and promote organic matter, humic acid and humus formation.
2, is the "nutrient transfer division." Microbial fertilizer in the soil material and energy input and output plays a very important role in the material cycle is an important link in the chain. It can activate soil organic and inorganic nutrients, decomposition of organic matter, the release of nutrients, increase the effectiveness of nutrients.
3, is the soil "clean division." The algae microbial flora can degrade the residual chemical fertilizers, organic pesticides, heavy metals and other pollutants in the process of its reproduction and metabolism, and decompose, transform, fix and transfer the pollutants in the physicochemical reaction. Harmless synthesis, their decomposition into harmless or harmless substances, thereby reducing the degree of soil pollution.
4, is the soil "therapist". Algae microbes in the soil, such as antibiotic microbes, can secrete antibiotics and inhibit the propagation of pathogenic microorganisms, which can prevent and reduce soil-borne microbial damage to crops and improve crop yield and quality. Soil "detoxification" and "health care", regulation and maintenance of soil health quality.
5, is the soil "nutritionist." Algae microbial fertilizer with nitrogen fixation, phosphate, potassium solution, and promote the release of trace elements in the soil and chelating, fertilizer can improve the utilization rate of 10% -30%. Under certain conditions, but also involved in the formation of humus, is conducive to improving soil fertility.

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